The City

Innovative ///
Urban Transportation

RoadiX is aiming to become a major player in the global transportation market. Our mission is to transorm the way people commute around the city - by creating the most advanced, green and effective solutions in the market. The mission isn’t simple, yet our solution is all about simplicity.

3 Seconds ///
Folding Technology

The MUVe is A 3 wheel electric personal vehicle, which offers the best solution of personal transportation. MUVe transforms the way you commute in cities. Using a 3 seconds folding technology, the MUVe can be carried anywhere effortlessly.

Our Amazing Team

Erez Ben-Haim

R&D Manager

Amir Zaid

Founder, Designer and CEO

Neil O'brien

R&D Manager

Our team has years of exprience with automotive design, working internationally in Europe and the USA. We are mechanically oriented with sales and marketing approach.

Contact Us

Ha'amal 10, Park Afeq
Rosh Ha'ain, Israel 4809900
P: (972) 372-97909